Have you ever gone through the struggle of cleaning and re-arranging your house for hours, and only to find out that your child has disorganized the room again just because they wanted something that was out of their reach – Tiring! We all know how exhausting it can get.
Here are a few tips that will help you do more in less time;
1.      In order to help your children, stay organized, place things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily.
2.      Children love to draw all over the walls, it can be costly when it comes to repainting, but stress no further. You can always pass by a supermarket or an art and craft store and purchase wall stickers of their favorite cartoons and animals.
Allow your children to take part in this activity so that you can spend quality time with them, let your child have fun decorating their room in a way you know you won’t have to fix later.
3.      Purchase glow in the dark stars and a moon that are friendly to the wall texture and wallpaper of a city to go along with. This will get them excited about turning out the lights at night.
4.      Ensure that you have a separate corner for their drawing and painting in order to avoid paint on the bed sheet or pencil sharpening dust.
5.      Place a book shelf adjacent to their bed, so that they can read their favorite bedtime story before they sleep. Keep the books up to date so that they don’t get bored reading the same story over and over again.

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