Depending on your family and financial situation, as well as your local property market, there will be a number of different things you look for when you’re buying a property. These factors can drive a price up or down, and perhaps even give you an edge at the negotiating table. Let’s take a look at what you should be keeping an eye on when you buy.

Your Work place

In Nairobi, it is a blessing if you can stay near your workplace. This may not always be possible but when you are in a position to choose, you should try to get as close as possible as the traffic situation in Kenya can only get worse.


Everyone wants the best education possible for their children, and a lot of the time this means securing property in the zone of a great school. Even those without children can benefit – the demand for this type of neighbourhood can really drive up prices, making nearby property a great long-term investment.


A safe home is a great home. Many previously safe neighbourhoods are recording increased crime levels. With life as it is in Kenya you must make sure that you are in a safe neighbourhood and you don’t get ambushed at night.


If you’re in your older years, you’re unlikely to want a home with 50 stairs to climb to reach the front door! Likewise, if you drive, you need to make sure a driveway or garage is on hand as well. On top of this, you might want to check the main roads to your neighbourhood – are you going to be stuck in traffic on your daily commute to work?


Finding the right stores, markets and outlets that suit your lifestyle is crucial to picking a neighbourhood. Getting a home near a shopping centre or preferably a Mall is useful as this saves time when shopping and also may provide for some entertainment and recreation.


While public transport is great, you might not want it right outside your door – the rumbling of matatus and boda bodas can be a pain when you want to sleep! The same goes for neighbours. Consider going for a late night drive through a neighbourhood on the weekend to gauge noise levels, and decide if you really want to move there.


A daytime drive helps too: How does the neighbourhood actually look to the naked eye? Are power lines blotting out the sky, or is it a paradise of rolling green parks? By digging in and looking around, as well as doing some research, you can find a neighbourhood that truly meets your needs

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