the-moving-sofa-problem-in-math-is-so-relatable-moving-couch-2-996-x-521.jpgWhen planning to move into a house/apartment with own belongings, there are many factors that you should take into consideration; at times your belongings can be left lying around in the hallway blocking your way to walk, only to know that it wouldn’t pass through the curves in the hallway.
Imagine your couch sitting in the hallway for a whole week, and having to crawl over it every single time you wanted to use the bathroom or go upstairs. It is easy to make such mistakes, but not anymore – here are a few tips that can help make your moving easy and smooth.
room-measurementsDespite best planning efforts, such logistical issues are surprisingly common when people are moving familiar belongings into an unfamiliar space. Knowing the dimensions of a room and the things being moved into it isn’t enough. Think about the bottlenecks, and not just where something’s going to go, but how it’s going to get there.
Imagine a situation in where a whole truck has been loaded with your furniture but only to find out that it can’t go past the gate – the truck was too tall to get back out without hitting the wall and the wires.
In the age of ubiquitous technology, it’s easier than ever to take photos of any pre-existing damage in your rental.kh6cn8lrtcnrii5yshd9.jpg
Before you settle, pull out your phone and snap pictures of any damage such as scuffed floors, chipped countertops or bent window blinds – then send the photos to yourself so they’re date-stamped.
It’s easier to refer to the photos at move-out than argue with the building manager about your security deposit and damages caused.
When it’s time to move, tenants always look forward to the deep cleaning that’s required upon vacating a unit. You can hire for cleaning services that would do it for you perfectly and in a short period of time.
If you want to save money and do it yourself, keep in mind some of the things tenants often forget to clean are: window tracks, underneath the stove-top burner pans, beneath the drawers and behind the toilet.commercial_cleaning.jpg

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