Since the Covid -19 pandemic is not going to go away and now that we are getting waves repeatedly, may people are working from home. This is a necessity and very many people are finding it difficult to work from home.

So how do you go about setting up an office at home and make sure that you are productive. The temptations of not getting work done are many like television, snacking etc so that if you are not disciplined you will not be productive.

That is why it is essential to arrange a dedicated working space conducive to concentration that will help you remain focussed and productive.

Set up your home office

You need to create an environment that encourages you to focus and be productive. It is important not to work from your bed or your sofa and ensure that you create a “office space and environment” to remain focused. Thus you need to sit at a desk and make sure that distractions are minimised. This is similar to working from your office.

If you have an extra room or study, then this will be an ideal place to place your office. Putting in some office furniture will be easy.

However, if you are using a room that is also used for other purposes it gets trickier. In this case look for a corner or a segregated space to make your working area. This way it doesn’t blend with other uses and becomes your work and focus area. Choose a spot with lots of natural light.

You may need to move or remove some furniture to get the right settings. Remember if you are using a bedroom, use your bed only for sleeping and not working.

Don’t forget to get a space near electrical outlets, or if this is not possible get an extension electrical cable to make sure that you are near electrical supply. This way you can plug in your computer equipment and lamps etc.

Try to get a desk and chair which are as close as those you use in your office so that you mimic your office environment. You may also try to blend your office furniture with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Organizing your work space

Keep you work space clean and tidy as a well organised work space allows for productivity. Try to clear the clutter by using storage devices like magazine racks, mobile drawers or even boxes. If you are lucky to have empty cupboards, use these to store extra files and papers. You may want to invest in shelving as well.

Make your home office inviting and comfortable

To make sure your productivity stays the same, you need your working space to be inviting and comfortable. Always invest in a comfortable chair and a functional desk. Colours to be used should be comfortable as well like yellow, purple and blue. If they are in pastel this may boost productivity. Stay away from red or black or dark colours. It is important that the feel of the space is comfortable and airy.

Proper lighting is also crucial to create the best work conditions. To avoid being bothered by any reflection on your screen, make sure to have the windows to sides. When choosing a lamp, be careful not to pick a bulb that is too powerful that would dazzle. Also, do not hesitate to use multiple light sources as natural lighting will change throughout the day. This will contribute to creating a home working space where it feels good to work.

Get into the right mindset

Now that you have created your perfect work space, all you have to do is get into the right mindset.

Prepare yourself as if you were going to the office, including dressing up. Set your working hours like the normal times that you are generally used to (but exclude travelling time that you will now save and may be can use this extra time to get some additional work done)

Take regular coffee breaks, check-in with your colleagues and manager. Instead of going to their work place you may want to use video calling or just call them on your mobile. There are also other applications where by if everyone is logged in you can chat online.

All the little things that are mentioned above will keep you focused and productive.

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