What is a Zen Home

Working from home and living in a stressful environment can cause undue anxiety and stress. It is increasingly difficult to find tranquility and relaxation in our lives.

One of the options is to make our home a heaven of peace. This is why people are resorting to Zen principals and applying them to the interior designs of their homes.

Zen principals are not strictly related to design styles but because they relate to Japanese meditation techniques they can be used to make your home into an ideal living environment.

Lets have a look at some of the principals.


Zen styles relate to natural colours and soft tones. This is obviously logical as dark and loud colours surely affect your mental status. Colours like white, grey and shades of pink, brown inculcate a sense of relaxation and clam. Harmony between the elements and visualy continuity between walls, furniture and floors is important. Adding slightly dark borders to the monochrome colours with matching objects adds to the design.


The flooring should be kind to your feet. You should be able to walk barefeet enaywhere in your house. Thus wooden flooring is ideal, as is resin flooring. Soft carpets are also recommended, especially wool. Make sure that the flooring and carpets are matching with the walls and furniture.


Natural and light fabrics are a must for your Zen home. This provides comfort and natural feeling in the house. Curtains should be of soft noise reducing materials. Linen and wool are again recommended. Special attention should be paid to colours and textures.


A relaxing atmosphere should have natural and low ambient lighting. Soft colours are recommended as compared to very bright and harsh lighting. Try to get enclosed lighting to avoid direct light and glare. Also diffused lighting is ideal in certain areas.


Zen principals are based on a minimalistic life. Thus don’t clutter your house with too much furniture. Get only that you are absolutely going to use. Open spaces thus will give you a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Colors and shades also must confirm to the other ideas discussed above.


The same applies to wall decorations and pictures. Keep them as few as possible. Match colours to the walls and furniture and use soft colours and shades.


Use flavored candles that do not have a sharp scent, but produce a subtle scent. Use of sweet smelling flowers is also very relaxing. Some oils also produce very pleasant smells.


These are generally caused by electronic devices. Try to be minilastic with your electronic devices. Hide your TV behind a specially designed cupboard. Hide wires and cables so that you get clean lines and less clutter.


Plants not only beautify your house but also give a feeling of relaxation, nature and calmness. This will really enhance the décor of your house and also give you a feeling of nature.

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