Wallpaper has one in and out of style, but it always has been a good choice to create an attractive and bold design without permanently altering your walls. Whereas painting walls never goes out of style and is an excellent way to bring colour to a room. Both wallpaper and paint offer a wide range of variety and have their own pros and cons.

Starting with wallpapers, they are a great way to bring in a bold and attractive design and feature an accent wall in your house. They have a very wide range of patterns and also many textures are available. Moreover, they can last for up to 15 years and there are new easy peel-off wallpapers that won’t take that extra labour to remove the wallpapers.

However there are a few drawbacks of using wallpapers. They are more expensive compared to painting and may come with additional costs of the primers and special glue required to put them up. Moreover their installation is tricky and will require extra help to put them up so increasing the expense.  Some wallpaper may be easy to remove but most of them are a time consumer when it comes to getting them out.

Painting has been the quickest and easiest way to add colour to a room. It has a lot of solid colours to choose from and a lot of different types of paints and tools to create patterns, textures and gloss looks. It is relatively cheaper and it does not require a lot of extra skills or labour to paint a wall. It also lasts long enough and can be painted over for touch-ups. Painting suits moist and humid areas as well as it does not wear off easily.

However just like wallpapers there are some disadvantages for it as well. It is hard to create different patterns and usually needs extra additives or tools which bear an extra cost. Some paints also contain lead which is toxic and the fumes from the paint don’t suit many people.

These are a few things to consider when choosing between paint and wallpapers . They both are great options and any of them can be opted for.

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