Today’s technology has proven to make the process of Buying and Selling Real Estate as seamless as possible. The professionals representing you (real estate agent, loan officer, attorney, tittle agent) have the ability to make speedy transactions. There is no doubt that purchasing or selling real estate has never been easier or faster. Below are some of the reasons why:

  1. Online listings:

Agents and consumers have a collection of websites to search through for listings of every kind! Whether looking for residential and commercial sales and rentals.

  1. Mobile apps:

Online also means ‘at your finger tips’ in today’s generation. Agents can search listings for you even while on the road.

  1. Virtual tours and videos:

This has become a very useful tool for those moving to a different city or state. It also gives buyers a better idea of the living space of the home and also if it can accommodate their needs.

  1. E-signing services:

E-sign systems are easy to use and are mobile device friendly! This allows your agent the speed needed to put your offer first in line from the competition. This will be next revolutionary step with out-of-town purchases and rentals.

  1. Transparency and real–time data:

If a listing is no longer available, most websites show up on, will be updated to show ‘pending sale’ or ‘closed status.

  1. Marketing at your fingertips:

Marketing has never been so easy with tons of apps to create high–definition imaging, filters, collages and fancy font. Social media marketing is the main source of advertisement! People are more likely to ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ a photo of a listed home on social media than read, pass a flyer or postcard they receive in the mail.

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