House hunting is like looking for a marriage partner. You might get a few choices but how do you know the right one? Although you may feel that this is the right one, there are always doubts.

And making a commitment which may be lifelong may make you feel weak in the legs.

But sometimes you know and then you will be ready to make the bid. If you want to feel better that you have made the right choice look at the following points: 

It starts in the guts and heart

It’s always a feeling in your mind, body and heart. You want to live in this house and you can see yourself and family in the house having diner, playing games and generally living happily. 

You can’t stop thinking about it

You can’t stop thinking and talking about it. You sleep over it and you get up in the morning thinking about it. You discuss with you family again and again. You start planning the move. Your friends get the details and share your excitement.

Everything seems right

Your finances are in order, the timing is right, the location is right, the feel is right. The pricing seems reasonable, the owner is nice, you are ready to take the plunge.

The property meets all your requirements (or almost?)

You will always start with your requirements and aspirations. If the property meets most of them you know that this is the right one. Of course not everything will be right, but then no one or on one property is perfect. If it is almost perfect then you are safe.

You see yourself and your family in the property

You start living in this house, as soon as you have had a look at it. You start putting the imaginary furniture in its place and start decorating the rooms. You get ideas about various spaces and picture your family enjoying the house.

You feel you have seen enough.

When your agent phones you about other properties you start putting them off. You don’t feel that you need to see any more houses.
These are the things that make you feel that you have made the right choice. As always there will be better properties out there but you have found the one you want to marry (or buy)

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