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Whether you are going to stay in your neighborhood or  you’re just looking for a new neighborhood, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before you start searching for a rental home.

What is your ideal neighborhood?

Do you have to have a place that’s near the schools your children go to, your job, shops and restaurants or are you looking for a quieter, family friendly area? Make sure that you are happy with the area you want to move to before you start the search.

What kind of building do you want?

When you think about your ideal building do you envision a family home with a garden or do you want an apartment complex? You might want to have a townhouse in a gated community.

How big a place do you need?

Think about what kind of space you need and can afford in a home. Please remember: Square footage equals money. Also the rent will depend on the location. A 3 bedroom apartment in an upmarket area will be more expensive that a middle income area. The age of the building also matters.

What is the parking situation?

This is very important as many families have at least two cars. Please make sure that you have a look at the parking spaces and ensure that yours cars will fit. Also have a look at the visitors parkings as some buildings do not have many visitors parking.

Do they allow pets?

This is generally not a problem but some buildings so not allow pets. Please ensure that if you have a pet you check with the management and your agent that they are allowed.

What amenities do you want?

Think about what amenities you would like in a rental home. Most new buldings come with the basic amenities like generator, borehole, solar. Some buildings also have a swimming pool , gym and entertainment area. However the more amenities you have the more expensive the rent.

What are the terms of the rental?

You need to check the length of the lease and the terms, like deposits, rental increments , renewal options, notice period etc. There are many combinations and different land lords have different leases in place.

Does the property need repairs?

Once you have decided to rent the property, it is important that you check all the facilities and have a detailed look at the property. Most older properties may need repairs , painting etc. Check with the landlord as to whether he will carry out the repairs or do you have to do them at his expense or at your cost.  Also agree with the landlord that aif anything comes up in one month after you have moved in, he will make the repairs. This may also be true for new buildings as well.

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