After a few years you may need to refresh your home and give it a new and different look. This can be done in a good budget so that you don’t spend too much to get the new look and feel.

Be wise and smart when it come to the cost of renovations by choosing where and how to invest.

Some of the areas and ideas in this article will assist you to make a good choice

Upgrade your kitchen

Changing the doors of the cabinets and shelves will completely change your kitchen look. You don’t need to change the structure and this change can be done very cost effectively especially with the materials available these days.

If you have drawers that are having difficulty in opening, simply changes the guides. Doors an also be refitted with new hinges.

You can remove the tiles in the floor with a new design to match your cabinet doors. People make the mistake to put in tiles that are very long lasting and of high quality. It is better that you get cheaper tiles so that may be after 5 years you would get a chance to redo them. Very affordable tiles are now available so that you don’t spend much to redo the flooring.

The splash back can be changed in contrast to your kitchen color and will not cost much. Tiles can be used to improve this area and if you want you may use a water proof laminate board to get the new feel.

You may also change some appliances that are not working or are old.

Improve the feel and space in your bedrooms

Remodeling bedrooms never costs as much as a kitchen. Start with the painting of the bedrooms with different colors. Get some cupboards to improve storage space. You can also change the doors to change the feel and to match with the new colors on the walls.

Change and add accessories to your bedroom like new paintings or prints (much cheaper). Some simple LED lighting will also make a difference. For a little more spend you can get mood lighting in the bedrooms.

You could also change the flooring and this will go a long way to change the feel.

Upgrade your outdoor spaces

Replanting your garden with new plants will give you a different feel. Some new outdoor furniture also makes the change in the atmosphere. If you don’t have a garden you may want to change your balcony or patio with new furniture like a chair swing. For the evenings mood lightning in the balcony is also a pleasant change.

Hanging plants also make a pleasant addition to the balconies. Look for a long planter with different plants to improve the greenery in the balcony.

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