It is advisable to build a house than buying an existing one. To help you make up your decision, here are pros and cons for each of the two options.

  • It gives the home owner a chance to make their dream homes and decide on the details such as: the size, number of bedrooms, interiors and exteriors of the house and much more.
  • It also gives you a chance to learn many useful things about home construction.
  • You also have total control over the features and materials to be used.
  • The disadvantage of building a home is that it can be stressful and time consuming, disheartening (expensive). Besides that some unexpected costs may arise.


  • Quite a number of people prefer to buy because it is hassle free.
  • It allows you to become a critical shopper, comparing different homes until you find one at the right price.
  • When buying a home it takes only few days or weeks on the paper work and you can move fast.
  • Disadvantage of buying a home is that you do not have flexibility to chose certain features like size, exteriors as they are pre-planned by the developer.
  • As a matter of fact you are not guaranteed of actual quality of the house, also some houses develop cracks after a few years.

None of the two options is easier, either choice involves some hard work. However with the right information and planning the result is satisfactory, which ever option you choose.

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